• We perform supercritical and subcritical fluid extraction of natural molecules of industrial interest from their plant/algae sources.
  • We offer impregnation of bioactive substances via supercritical CO2 into the matrix of interest of our clients.
  • Customers can send a representative to join our experiments and tests at TUHH.
  • We offer process design and optimization. Cost calculation and environmental impact can be done in parallel if desired by the clients
  • Expert consultancy in the sector of biomass valorization.
  • Assessment of biomass streams components and potential value through our valorization cascade.

The BioMP VALORIZATION CASCADE allows us to perform a screening of your biomass/ byproducts/ materials to evaluate the potential bioactive compounds that can be extracted and further used for product formulation/ development.


  • All type of biomass-producing industry sector
  • Companies requiring tailored green products
  • High pressure technology sector
  • Chemical industry seeking to improve and/or optimize their processes