Enclosed some infos on the latest developments in the company

December 2021

BioMP contributed to the “Promotions Kolleg NRW” with a lecture on “Mit Biomasse/Reststoffen zur Nachhaltigkeit”


November 2021

BioMP participated in the workshop „Bioökonomie effizienter gestalten“, part of the project “ELBE NH” on November 26th. Press release via https://intranet.tuhh.de/aktuell/pressemitteilung_einzeln.php?id=13795&Lang=de.

October 2021

BioMP is now also on LinkedIN. Check for Bio MP Biomasse Hochdruck GmbH

We contribute to the Workshop on the ELBE-NH Project. Check for the folder in this web page

July 2021 : BioMP achieves Contract in Supercritical Extraction and Purifiction of Food Ingredients

May 2021 :

Congratulations to our co-worker Dr. Mouna Kehili for the Jerry_King Best Poster Award during the 18th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids (EMSF Bordeaux, online): https://emsf2020.sciencesconf.org/
Biochemical High-Pressure-Cascade for Creating Added Value fromRaw Coffee-Silverskin”

September 2020 til now : BioMP is Subcontractor in Supercritical Extraction and Purifiaction of Food Ingredients

April 2020 til now : BioMP achieves Contract in Liquid Hot Water Hydrolysis with a Food Startup

February 2020 : BioMP becomes Partner of the BMBF german /tunesian bilateral Call
“TunGer 2020”

January 2020

Dr. Mouna Kehili, Alexander von Humboldt / Georg Foster Fellow joins our Team ! She is a specialist in Biotechnology from University of Sfax/Tunisia and Virginia Polytech Institute/USA, and gives a great support in the technology of Poylphenols Isolation of Biomass

September 2019 : Research Contract in CO2 High Pressure Impregnation accomplished

April 2019 : Desktop Study Contract in Patent Research accomplished

February 2019 : BioMP becomes Partner of the IRA-SME Call “Bioeconomy in the North”

December 2018

BioMP has been founded as GmbH (Ltd 26000 EUR) in Hamburg, as a spin-off from Hamburg University of Technology.

2011 – 2018

Under the coat of TUTech Innovation GmbH (Knowledge Tranfer Company of Hamburg University of Technology, BioMP@TUTech has been created as a “Competence Center”, offering services in High Pressure Technology and Biomass Hydrolysis for industrial and academical clients

Expertises and Contract Research during the period :

– Supercritical Extraction of Algae
– Countercurrent Supercritical Extraction of Waxes
– Supercritical Extraction of Nicotine Compunds
– Full Use of Coffee Waste

May 2011

Members of the Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Thermal Separation Processes, achieved the 3rd Prize of the 2011 Hamburg Innotech Competition https://intranet.tuhh.de/aktuell/pressemitteilung_einzeln.php?id=7676&Lang=de