Enclosed some infos on the latest developments in the company

Oct 2021

BioMP is now also on LinkedIN. Check for Bio MP Biomasse Hochdruck GmbH

We contribute to the Workshop on the ELBE-NH Project. Check for the folder in this web page

July 2021 : BioMP achieves Contract in Supercritical Extraction and Purifiction of Food Ingredients

May 2021 :

Congratulations to our co-worker Dr. Mouna Kehili for the Jerry_King Best Poster Award during the 18th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids (EMSF Bordeaux, online): https://emsf2020.sciencesconf.org/
Biochemical High-Pressure-Cascade for Creating Added Value fromRaw Coffee-Silverskin”

Sept 2020 til now : BioMP is Subcontractor in Supercritical Extraction and Purifiaction of Food Ingredients

Apr 2020 til now : BioMP achieves Contract in Liquid Hot Water Hydrolysis with a Food Startup

Feb 2020 : BioMP becomes Partner of the BMBF german /tunesian bilateral Call
“TunGer 2020”

Jan 2020

Dr. Mouna Kehili, Alexander von Humboldt / Georg Foster Fellow joins our Team ! She is a specialist in Biotechnology from University of Sfax/Tunisia and Virginia Polytech Institute/USA, and gives a great support in the technology of Poylphenols Isolation of Biomass

Sept 2019 : Research Contract in CO2 High Pressure Impregnation accomplished

April 2019 : Desktop Study Contract in Patent Research accomplished

Feb 2019 : BioMP becomes Partner of the IRA-SME Call “Bioeconomy in the North”

December 2018

BioMP has been founded as GmbH (Ltd 26000 EUR) in Hamburg, as a spin-off from Hamburg University of Technology.

2011 – 2018

Under the coat of TUTech Innovation GmbH (Knowledge Tranfer Company of Hamburg University of Technology, BioMP@TUTech has been created as a “Competence Center”, offering services in High Pressure Technology and Biomass Hydrolysis for industrial and academical clients

Expertises and Contract Research during the period :

– Supercritical Extraction of Algae
– Countercurrent Supercritical Extraction of Waxes
– Supercritical Extraction of Nicotine Compunds
– Full Use of Coffee Waste

May 2011

Members of the Hamburg University of Technology, Institute of Thermal Separation Processes, achieved the 3rd Prize of the 2011 Hamburg Innotech Competition https://intranet.tuhh.de/aktuell/pressemitteilung_einzeln.php?id=7676&Lang=de